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At Almond Tree Christian Fellowship, our doors are open to every soul seeking to welcome Jesus Christ into their hearts. Almond Tree Christian Fellowship is comprised of a friendly group of people who love God and have a tremendous vision to reach this community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are excited about the fact that you are here and hope that you will find Almond Tree to be a place where you can meet other believers, grow in your walk with the Lord, serve with your unique gifts and talents, and reach this community for Christ.

It is our desire that here at Almond Tree Christian Fellowship you will:

Discover hope as you come to know Jesus as your personal Savior!
Discover true friendship as you get to know other believers!
Discover abundant living as you become more like Jesus through discipleship.
Discover deep significance as you fulfill God's plan by serving in ministry!
Come experience our dynamic praise and worship music service every Sunday morning. Show up expecting a blessing, a miracle, and the healing power of the Holy Spirit.


To Love People Back To Life

I will love all people regardless of creed or past deeds! I will pursue every prompting of the HOLY SPIRIT, regardless of the personal cost or loss of comfort to me. I will give whatever it takes to rescue and restore people who have been broken, bruised and victimized! I will no longer fear darkness but instead I will have faith that the light in me is enough to penetrate the darkness around me!

I will admit that the church is not just a place for the socially accepted, neither is it a country club for Christians who desire to simply dwell with those of their own kind! I believe the church is the hospital for the sick, the refuge for the rejected and the life university that prepares leaders to impact their society! This is my declaration to love people back to life again! This is how I will serve my generation until JESUS comes back again!

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